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Stanford Grad Council

Who are we?

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) serves Stanford's graduate student population by representing student interests in University affairs, supporting graduate student organizations, and providing community events for graduate students. The GSC is comprised of 15 elected voting members, 10 who represent Stanford's seven schools and 5 at-large representatives.

What do we do?

The GSC meets every Wednesday at 6pm at the Graduate Community Center (Nairobi Room) to discuss topics that are relevant to the graduate student community. These meetings are open to the public and food is provided.

The GSC oversees the distribution of the Graduate Student Activities Fee. Student organizations can request funds for events that are open to the entire graduate student community.

The GSC plans large campus events to support and foster community among graduate students. These events include the Welcome Back Party, Thanksgiving Dinner, and the Grad Formal.

The GSC advocates for graduate student interests at the University level, such as the Caltrain Go Pass for students living off campus.

Why you may find us useful?

The GSC works closely with other student leadership organizations, such as the Undergraduate Senate (UGS), the Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU), and the Stanford Student Enterprises (SSE), as well as university faculty and staff representatives and its administrators to represent student interests. The GSC is a great way to get involved in campus life and understand the intricacies of University policies and operations. This is how you can get involved:

Contact the GSC: You are always welcome to contact the GSC through our website and Facebook group.
Meet with the GSC: The GSC encourages you to come to our meetings on Wednesdays at 6pm.
Lead with the GSC: If you are interested in taking a larger role with the GSC, you can always consider running for a voting member position in the GSC elections in April.