The history of the GSC can be found in its proceedings. We strive to be as transparent as possible regarding all our activities including member attendance at meetings and full minutes of our weekly meetings. In addition we provide photos of our events and a form for requesting time on the next weekly meeting’s agenda.


One of the main duties of voting members of the GSC is to attend and vote at the weekly GSC meetings. See full voting member attendance on the attendance page (not linked).


Remember past GSC events and new friends made with our photo slideshows, found on the photos page.

Agenda Request

Have an issue that you want to bring to the attention of the full GSC? Fill out the agenda request form found on the agenda request page and get a slot at a future meeting.


See what issues the GSC is discussing and what projects we are working on at the next weekly meeting and in past meetings on the agendas page.


Comprehensive meeting minutes of the GSC weekly meetings are available on the minutes page, it is recommended you find the meetings with your topics of interest by first looking at the meeting agendas.


In order to allocate funds or create changes in policy, the GSC can pass or reject bills either unilaterally or in conjunction with the Undergraduate Senate. Find passed and rejected bills on the bills page.