Stanford Student Enterprises is a young, dynamic organization which reflects the energy and talent of our student employees, but our close affiliation with the ASSU imbues SSE with a tradition as old as Stanford University itself.

First organized in 1891, the ASSU is the designated representative of the student body. In the early 1960’s, the student position of Financial Manager was created to oversee ASSU financial operations, and the Association formally separated its accounts from those of the University. As a further step towards financial independence, the ASSU stopped receiving funding from the University in 1995. In 1996, Financial Manager John Hall founded Stanford Student Enterprises in order to ensure the long-term financial viability and independence of the Association.

Today, SSE has five business enterprises with more than one hundred employees and total assets exceeding $16.5 million – we manage our short and long term investments, operate a banking service for all student groups, create and print the Stanford Unofficial Guide, sell Stanford apparel, and partner with a startup accelerator, as well as provide other valuable products and services on campus. Although we strive to continually grow existing programs, we endeavor to maintain an environment of entrepreneurship and opportunity and leverage the innovation and expertise of Stanford University students.


Who We Are

We are unique students of a diverse background doing business at the crossroads of curiosity and hustle. We are collectively defined by three shared traits: (1) an interest in making a real impact, (2) a commitment to getting any job done well, and (3) a desire to serve the Stanford Community.

What We Do

SSE manages businesses 'for students and by students.' We educate and invest in our student employees so that we can develop and practice a relevant set of business skills through operating our enterprises.

Why It Matters

SSE redefines the Stanford Experience. We give new meaning to our employees' education by helping students synthesize and apply their academic knowledge. Similarly, we enhance student life by creating valuable, student-centric services that financially support the freedom of groups and organizations across campus.