GSC Information


Your elected officers and the rest of the GSC staff work hard to bring you events and advocate on your behalf year round. Find a list of the current and past officers on the officer’s page.

ASSU Constitution

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) is part of the ASSU (Associated Students of Stanford University) which contains the GSC, the Undergraduate Senate, and the ASSU Executive Office. All these groups are based on the ASSU Constitution which can be found here.

GSC By-Laws

While all of the ASSU is bound by the ASSU constitution, the GSC also has created a set of rules for ourselves beyond those specified in the constitution, these rules are found in the GSC By-Laws.


The GSC has a rich history that helps inform the actions we take today. To learn more about the origins of the GSC and some of its past, take a look at the history page.


Get involved with the GSC! Elections take place once a year and even when elections are not being held we have many openings for graduate students to join the GSC as staff members and also as regular attendees at our open weekly meetings! To learn more about the GSC elections visit the elections page.

Graduate Student Groups

There are many student groups on campus but it can be hard to find the one(s) that are right for you, to help you out we’ve compiled a list of currently active student groups that have graduate student members and made it available on the graduate student groups page.

Calendar & Event Submission

Add to import events into your own calendar!

How to Submit an Event

The GSC Calendar welcomes submissions by anyone of any events that may be of wide interest to the Stanford graduate student community. Please follow the notes below for submitting your event:

  • To submit to our list, please create an event in a Google® Calendar/Microsoft® Outlook/ Apple® iCal compatible application and invite to it.
  • To receive the grad-events email, please subscribe to grad-events using the Mailman interface:
  • See the notes under “Please make sure of the following when creating your event” below.

Graduate VSO Leaders

Submission of your GSC-funded events to the GSC Calender is a condition of your funding. Posting announcements about non-GSC-funded events is optional, though a good way to reach interested graduate students. Please follow the notes below for future submissions.

  • To submit to our list, please create an event in a Google® Calendar/Microsoft® Outlook/ Apple® iCal compatible application and invite to it. Do NOT send the invite to - these are two very different accounts!
  • The calendar bulletin is sent out every Sunday Night. Please send your invitation before 6 pm on Sunday so that your event is included in that Sunday’s bulletin.
  • If your event does not appear in the bulletin, or if the announced time/location is misleading, you risk losing funding from the GSC. Please edit your event so that the correct information is visible on the GSC website and notify the Chairs of Publicity ( ) and the Funding Committee ( ).
  • You must follow the instructions under “Please make sure of the following when creating your event” below.

Please make sure of the following when creating your event:

  1. Tag your event! This can be done by adding hashtags, e.g. “#free-food” at the end of your event description, or in your event description. We request that you use one or two from the following list, and you can add any other tags:

    • #academic -- #cultural -- #family -- #free-food -- #off-campus -- #ticketed -- #professional-dev -- #misc

  2. Check the event time. Please make sure your calendar program is in the correct time-zone and you have the correct calendar date and day of the week.

  3. Please fill out the venue properly such that any graduate student can find your event. If you have an event in a building with multiple venues such as GCC, Tresidder, Old Union, please specify the room.

  4. If you will be serving alcohol at the event, please mention that guests will need to prove their age in the description.

  5. (option temporarily unavailable) You can check the status of your invitation real-time on the GSC website at . You can still edit your event.

  6. If your event does not appear there, you will have received a notification with the reason for rejection from

  7. If you anticipate a venue or time change for your event, please include a statement in your event description to that effect. As soon as you have the information for sure, please update your event.