Diversity Advocacy Committee


Are you interested in diversity advocacy? Do you think that we need to have more open, diversity-minded conversations on campus? If so, we need you!


We envision a Stanford graduate student body that reflects the diversity of the general population.


The Graduate Student Council (GSC) Diversity Advocacy Committee (DAC) aims to increase diversity within the graduate student community by initiating and facilitating events and advocacy efforts (henceforth referred to collectively as “projects”) that achieve the following:

  1. Increasing diversity of graduate student admission pool;
  2. Building vibrant and supportive communities for graduate students from underrepresented groups;
  3. Establishing and/or enhancing inter-community dialogue and interactions; and
  4. Educating the broader graduate student population on relevant histories, activities and issues pertaining to underrepresented communities.

All projects must adhere to the Fundamental Standards of Stanford University.

The DAC aims to serve the graduate student community by advocating for the following underrepresented communities:

  • University-recognized underrepresented racial and ethnic minority groups;
  • First generation graduate students;
  • Graduate students from low income backgrounds;
  • LGBTQ graduate students;
  • Graduate students with disabilities as recognized by the University;
  • Graduate students with dependents;
  • emale graduate students in traditionally male-dominated fields.

DAC 2015-16

  • Co-Chairs: Eduardo Muñoz-Muñoz & Kristin Wilson
  • Outreach Coordinator: Edritz Javelosa
  • Alumni Advisors: Johnny Giorgis & Fanuel Muindi
  • Diversity Group Representatives: Cecil Benite, Joshua Loftus, Sandra Kjono, Jesus Madrid, Paola Moreno-Roman, Lasana Power, Miranda Stratton & Tim Wilcox
  • Committee Members: Eddy Albarra, Noori Chai, Alexandria Gilbert, Anna Jaffe, Libby Johnson, Abisola Kusimo, Laura Kwong, Jennifer Li, Siqi Li, Eric Liu, Carlos Medina, Tim Moon, Joey Nelson, Livia Palomo Vidal, Julia Payson, Vinaya Polamerddi, Beth Rieken, Yoni Rubin, Alexandra Scharr, Mai Tran, Luke Weiss & Aubrie Yingling

We Need You!

Thanks to generous funding from the GSC and the Vice-Provost for Graduate Education (VPGE), DAC is currently planning for an exciting year of diversity-minded events, including our annual Diversity Week in April! But we need your support and vision to help make these events, and our mission of diversity advocacy a success! Currently, we are looking for both DAC Committee Members and Diversity Group Liaisons:

As a Committee Member, you are expected to do the following:

  • Initiate and/or assist with at least one project (e.g. an event or advocacy initiative);
  • Attend committee meetings (about once per quarter);
  • ork independently or in teams to make progress on your project/s.

As a Diversity Group Liaison, you are expected to fulfill the following roles:

  • Be an elected leader or active member within a University-recognized diversity volunteer student organization (VSO), community center, or other registered on-campus entity;
  • Provide liaison and communication between DAC and the group you represent;
  • Participate and respond to DAC’s requests for input and either attend planning meetings or make alternative arrangements to ensure effective and timely communication of information;
  • dvocate for the group you represent in collaborations with the DAC.

No previous experience in diversity advocacy or event planning is necessary! Our goal is to provide a supportive environment for you to accomplish your projects and goals.

Join Us

If you are interested in becoming an active member of the DAC, or would like more information, please express your interest by filling out our DAC Interest Form. To be connected with the DAC without becoming an active members, please join our “friends of the DAC” mailing list!

Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at diversity@gsc.stanford.edu

Past Events

In 2016, Diversity Week has grown into Diversity Month! Click here (not linked) to find out more.

DAC Mini Grants

In 2016, we funded mini grants to graduate student groups and individuals for diversity-focused events. Click here (not linked)to find out more.