Caltrain Passes

To purchase a pass visit the purchase instructions page which has full details on how to complete each of the three purchasing steps (Qualify, Purchase, Pick Up).

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All information including a cost savings calculator is available at


What is this program?

The pilot Caltrain Go Pass program is a program for off campus graduate students to buy subsidized Caltrain Go Passes which allow for unlimited travel on the Caltrain system that runs from San Jose to San Francisco with many stops in between – including Palo Alto.

Help this program continue!

As the program is a pilot program the number of graduate students who participate is critical to its success and we need your help getting the word out! This thermometer shows our current progress towards the pilot program’s goal number of pass purchases (45% of eligible graduate students):


Updated as of: 10/14/14

How do I get my pass?

Visit the pilot Go Pass website linked above ( and follow the instructions on the web page.

The cliff notes version is:


Your local address and enrollment status must be reflected in the P&TS customer database, which is updated through Axess. Please allow two to three days for updates to Axess to be reflected at P&TS. Once you complete these steps, if you are eligible, you will be able to purchase the Go Pass.

  • Confirm your eligibility by reviewing the Pilot Go Pass eligibility table.
  • Enter your current residence address. Passes cannot be purchased unless you have an eligible address designated in the correct field in Axess.
  • Graduate students must enroll in autumn quarter courses for a minimum of six units. Students in TGR status must enroll in the TGR course. Go Passes can only be issued to graduate students who are enrolled for autumn quarter.


  • In person at Parking & Transportation Services, 340 Bonair Siding. Pay by credit/debit card, cash, check, or charge to Stanford student bill. The Go Pass will be issued to you at the time of purchase.
  • Campus distribution events. We are scheduling campus distribution events in September. Payment must be made online in advance when picking up at an event, or by using student billing for payment at distribution events. Online purchasing is coming soon.


Go Passes are a non-transferable sticker. Passes must be picked up in person and will be affixed immediately to your valid Stanford ID. Passes cannot be sent by mail, nor can anyone else pick up your pass for you.

  • In person at Parking & Transportation Services, 340 Bonair Siding. Passes purchased at P&TS will be affixed immediately to your ID.
  • In September, P&TS is offering campus distribution events. Check the Pilot Go Pass website for more information as events are scheduled.


Caltrain GoPass Details: