Funding Guidelines
for Volunteer Student Organizations

If you are a Financial Officer, have you read the GSC funding guideline? Please familiarize yourself with the document!

GSC Funding Guidelines
The GSC has recently developed a set of formal guidelines to help you better publicize your GSC-sponsored events. Please peruse all information on the Event Publicity Guidelines for VSOs page. Please note that violation of these requirements may lead to revocation of already allocated GSC funding.

If any questions arise, feel free to contact the chair of the Funding Committee at .


Dates for Funding Committee Meetings

VSOs are strongly recommended to apply for funding on MyGroups at least 15 days before the event. While we can be flexible after that deadline, there is a risk of not being able to meet all the requirements if you apply at the last minute. This can result in a rejection of your funding request. The GSC does not fund retroactively. If your event is held before the next available GSC meeting, you won’t be able to get approval.

Please note that each GSC meeting is at 6:00pm on the following Wednesday in the Nairobi Room (2nd floor GCC). GSC meetings are not held during university holidays and breaks. Because funding requests must be approved by GSC vote, it is vital that VSOs plan and apply for funding early to avoid missing deadlines.

2016 Fall Quarter

During the fall quarter, funding committee meetings will be held on Mondays at 7:00pm in the GSC/GSPB office (2nd floor GCC) during weeks with a GSC Meeting (any week when school is in session).

Goals of the Graduate Student Organization (GSO) Partition Fund

As per the GSC By-Laws (Article III, Section 2, Subsection C.2), activities funded through the GSO Partition Fund shall pursue at least one (and hopefully more) of the following goals:

  1. Provide a broader educational and cultural experience for graduate students.
  2. Enhance interdepartmental social interaction among graduate students.
  3. Strengthen the campus-wide sense of community among graduate students.
  4. Make the graduate school experience more valuable and enjoyable for all graduate students.

Eligibility for Funding:

In order to apply for GSO Partition Funds, groups must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. The group must be a Voluntary Student Organization (VSO) registered with the Student Activities and Leadership Office (SAL).
  2. The group must run events with at least 30% graduate versus undergraduate participation.
  3. The group must NOT receive any funds from a special fee.
  4. Group officers must have completed all required training by SAL, including the banking workshop for FOs.
  5. Event and group must be open to entire graduate community.
  6. Events must comply with all relevant University policies, such as the Party Guidelines and Critical Policies listed on the SAL policies webpage. Guidelines for planning events can be found on the SAL event planning webpage.

Important Notes for GSC Funding Request

Funding student groups is one of the three pillars of the GSC. Graduate students may request GSO Partition Funds (aka VSO programming funds) from the GSC for their student group’s events. If you would like to request funding, you must comply with the following.

  1. The following deadlines apply to all requests: submit MyGroups online application byFriday 10am, receive funding meeting invitations by Saturday afternoon, attend funding meeting on Monday 7:00pm, and attend GSC meeting on Wednesday 6:00pm. At least one officer (not necessarily the FO) from your group must attend each meeting. Funding decisions are not finalized until GSC vote.
  2. Your event information must be posted to the Grad Events calendar at least one full week before the event date. Go to Submit an Event page for instructions.
  3. All advertising should feature the GSC logo and/or “Sponsored by the GSC” or “Co-sponsored by the GSC,” whichever is appropriate.
  4. There are many things that the GSC will not fund. Please read the GSC Funding Guidelines (link at top of page) carefully and follow all instructions.
  5. The GSC is a funding source, not a bank. Any banking related questions should be asked of Stanford Student Enterprises (SSE). Go to for contact information. Please contact with any MyGroups questions.
  6. The GSC is a first come, first serve funding source. GSO Partition Funds may be exhausted before the end of a fiscal year, so it is beneficial to plan and apply early.