About the Cardinal Fund

The Cardinal Fund is an applied asset management program offered by the Economics department in conjunction with the Graduate School of Business and Stanford Student Enterprises (SSE)--the financial arm of the Associated Students of Stanford University. This course was created in Spring 2014, and the first year of the program will conclude in June 2015. The course is offered for three units, and students are expected to commit to the program for six consecutive quarters, however, students who would like to study abroad will be able to do so. Students will receive a total of 18 units during the two year program, and 10 units can be counted as elective credit for the Economics major. 

Over the course of the two-year program, students act as a wealth manager for $1 million of SSE's endowment through investing in publicly traded stocks under the supervision of faculty members in the Graduate School of Business. The program begins with a finance bootcamp intended to teach students the skills necessary to select stocks and manage a portfolio. After the bootcamp ends, students prepare a risk management and portfolio strategy plan to present to SSE's Board of Directors. When this plan is approved, students begin making investments.

2018 Coverage Groups:

  1. Healthcare & Materials

  2. Consumer & Utilities

  3. Industrials & Energy

  4. Technology & Financial Institution

At the beginning of each week, each coverage group prepares a written update of their group's holdings and any proposed buy or sell transactions. These updates are presented to the rest of the class on Friday, and class members debate the proposed transactions and vote on them. The approved trades are submitted by the end of the day. 

In addition to weekly class meetings, Cardinal Fund members conduct investment research at the Real-time Analysis and Investment Lab (RAIL), work with GSB leadership coaches, participate in team-bonding activities, and attend sessions with guest speakers from the investment industry. 

Visit the Cardinal Fund webpage at http://www.cardinalfund.org/



Caitlin James

chief investment officer

Fiona Fang

chief compliance officer

Brendan Gallagher


Victoria Yeow        Colin Man        Taylor Seaton