SSE Capital Group is a student-run financial services organization offering a full range of banking services in addition to asset management, audit protection, and record keeping. With deposits in excess of $6 million and managed assets of approximately $14 million, SSE Capital Group is one of the largest of its kind. Our clients and customers include over 650 student groups, the Associate Students of Stanford University, and our parent organization, Stanford Student Enterprises.


Capital Group has been charged with audit protection of student group accounts and offers a full range of banking services to the over 650 student groups on campus. The Banking staff prides itself on quick and reliable service. Recent additions to the banking system include fully online functionality ( of all banking transactions. This change has made processes incredibly easy for student group financial officers, as well as allowing them access to all historical transactions.


The Investments division oversees the long term capital preservation of the ASSU’s retained earnings. The Investment Committee of the SSE Board of Directors directly oversees asset allocation.

Training Resources

Relevant CapGroup Manuals and Training Resources

  1. Banking Workshops
  2. Banking Forms


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Director                                    Accounting Associate

Cenobio Hernandez                                         Trey Turner

BANKING ASSOCIATES                Banking Managers

Kaila Kim                                                                              Gabriel Rosen-Duran

Cody Smith                                                                          Oscar Lee

Ashley Akinola                                                                  

Christina Boyer                                                                  

Alex Gill

Nick Gomez

Will Paisley