Simply put, the Stanford Student Store is the best place to get Stanford merchandise on campus.  It provides hip, new apparel, high quality accessories, and outstanding gifts all at prices that are less than the Stanford Bookstore.
There is also a Custom Products Division that is available to help with ordering customized apparel or other promotional items.

Supporting the Students:

The earnings made through our store return directly to our parent organization, the Associated Students of Stanford University. This money goes towards funding the hundreds of student groups at Stanford and the student leaders who advocate for student body goals.

Visit the Student Store at


General Manager                                 IN-Store MANAGER

Jon Bartlett                                                                           Julian Saenz

Online STORE Manager                        Design & marketing LEAD

Open Position - Apply Here!                                                     Sunny Li, Open Position - Apply Here!                                 

store associates                                 Mobile manager

Kamina Wilkerson                                                                                     Laura Bryant

Kelsey Bing

Kyle Enriquez

Emily Jusuf

Jessica Welch

Tatiana Baquero

Jillian Rogers

Miles Brinkley

Alejandro Bravo